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Becoming a New Teaching Hospital: A Guide to the Medicare Requirements 2024

Year Published: 2024
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This guide helps institutions interested in becoming teaching hospitals. It is essential reading for hospital executives and medical school leadership seeking to develop educational partnerships for graduate medical education training.


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Becoming a New Teaching Hospital: A Guide to the Medicare Requirements 2024
Year Published: 2024
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Designed for leaders at institutions that are planning to develop into teaching hospitals through funding for the Medicare program for an education mission and that are developing educational partnerships with non-teaching hospitals. Please sign in to the AAMC Store to access member pricing.



Institutions that wish to become a teaching hospital should begin planning several years before bringing in the first medical resident. Building residency programs requires careful planning and important collaboration among stakeholders. These include the potential future teaching hospital, area medical schools, the accrediting body, and the federal government (specifically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees Medicare payment policy or its intermediary, a Medicare Administrative Contractor). This guide presents useful information that will help readers understand: 


  • What it means to be a “new” teaching hospital for Medicare purposes (and why being “new” matters).
  • The types of residency training Medicare will pay for and how long the program will pay for a particular resident.
  • The two types of payments Medicare makes that have an education label (referred to as DGME payments and IME payments) and how these payments will be calculated.
  • How Medicare will reimburse a teaching hospital during its first five years, before the establishment of a resident cap.
  • The implications of being a hospital that accepts rotating residents versus being a “new” teaching hospital and other important tips.



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