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Recommendations for Clinical Skills Curricula for Undergraduate Medical Education (PDF)

Year Published: 2005
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Recommendations for Clinical Skills Curricula for Undergraduate Medical Education (PDF)

Skillful performance in the act of medical care is fundamental to the delivery of quality professional service to those who seek the care of physicians.  Accordingly, an essential purpose of medical education is to ensure that each student develops and continues to refine the basic clinical skills that are required to provide competent care throughout a lifetime of professional work.

Recommendations for Clinical Skills Curricula for Undergraduate Medical Education (PDF)
Year Published: 2005
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These recommendations for clinical skills curricula are targeted to medical school deans and faculties to provide the opportunity for the student to master the content of a comprehensive clinical skills education.



Clinical skills are the foundation of the clinical method competencies through which clinical practice is realized. Comprehensive design of clinical skill learning opportunities ensures that students learn how clinical method applies throughout the continuum of contemporary care. It is recommended that medical schools:

  • Adopt a set of common principles for guiding the clinical skills education process
  • Implement an explicit set of clinical skill education objectives
  • Identify a specific set of skills to be learned prior to graduation
  • Utilize a set of categories for organizing the selection of clinical skill learning opportunities in the undergraduate medical curriculum
  • Adapt an explicit, developmental approach to the design of the skills education curriculum
  • Ensure that the curricula contain specific essential programmatic elements



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