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MCAT Instructions

Thank you for purchasing AAMC MCAT Official Prep Products.

Here's how to access your AAMC MCAT Official Prep Products:

  1. Visit www.aamc.org/mcatprep.  
  2. Click on the “MCAT Official Prep Hub” on the right side of the page.
  3. Sign in using your AAMC username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I find my username and/or password?
    If you are unable to access your AAMC account, please contact Account Help.
  2. Why can't I sign into the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub?
    This is most commonly due to an old browser session. After you've purchased your product, clear your history, then close and reopen a new browser to begin a new session.
  3. Why can’t I see my product(s) in the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub?
    Your products will be visible in a new session. Please sign out and sign back in with your AAMC account. Your products should now be visible. If you have renewed access to a product, the new expiration date will be visible, after you sign out and sign back in.
  4. How can I tell if the MCAT Official Prep products currently sold in the AAMC Store are the same products I already purchased?
    The MCAT Official Prep products available for purchase from the AAMC Store reflect the most recent changes made to the MCAT Exam format in 2015 and their contents have not been changed since their publication. You will be able to easily identify when new MCAT Official Prep products are introduced because of the new title, detailed description or edition.
  5. What happens when my product expires?
    When your product expires, you will no longer be able to practice, or review previously answered questions. If you repurchase the products your previous activity will be visible again.
  6. Can my products be extended beyond the expiration date?
    You will need to purchase the product(s) again.
  7. Can I share my product access?
    No. Your AAMC login is required to access your MCAT Official Prep Products. Per the terms and conditions of your products and AAMC account, you cannot share your AAMC account information with anyone.
  8. How can I contact customer service?
    For questions about your purchase, please contact the AAMC Store Customer Service Team.
    For technical or other questions not related to the purchase of your product, please email mcatprep@aamc.org or call 202-828-0400.

Refund Policy:

Your access is for individual use only and is non-transferable and non-refundable. Please note: Your access begins the date of purchase.